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Life Saver Removable Mesh Pool Fence & Pool Gates

Premier Pool Safety provides a wide variety of pool safety products for sale and professional installations of mesh pool fences and self-closing, self-latching pool gates. Life Saver products are manufactured in the USA and are made of the highest quality materials guaranteed to last for years. Our fences and gates are ASTM Certified.

Call (469) 867-3221 or contact us online to request a FREE estimate.

Life Saver Pool Fence Unique Features

Mesh & Border

  • Transparent and wrinkle-free high mil mesh

  • Mesh with the highest tensile strength and dual directional

  • Four stitched border - guarantees NO unraveling

  • Weatherproof – Marine Grade

  • 100 Year Warranty

Borders help to prevent sagging and provide the necessary tension for pool fence. The pool fence system works on a bi-lateral tension and because of this, the borders are under constant stress. It is important to have a border attached to the mesh on all four sides. Because of changing weather, a border must be able to withstand the elements.


High Wind Performance Poles

  • Thick heavy gauge outer layer

  • Solid interior layer

  • Offered exclusively by Life Saver

  • 100 Year Warranty


Only Life Saver’s high performance solid pole offers omni-directional solid support. It’s 3 times stronger than the industry standard quad-core pole. Our fence poles offer three layers of support utilizing a T-6 alloy aluminum pole for rigidity on the outer wall, a schedule 80 P.V.C. 14” long pipe on the middle wall, and a T-5 break proof solid metal rod on the inside.


There is no other stronger pole and we back it with a 100 year warranty.

Safety Snap Latch

  • No sharp hooks or points

  • Reliable enclosed stainless-steel spring

  • Convenient for left or right-handed users

  • 100 Year Warranty


Latches hold the pool fence poles together at various heights, and should be difficult for children to unlatch. The latch is the stopping point to prevent children from opening the fence. It can be used by both right and left-handed parents. Once latched, no upward or downward motion can release it.

Life Saver Pool Fence Products


Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gate

  • Strong 1-1/4” heavy gauge square aluminum frame

  • Attractive square or arched model

  • Key lockable latching and closing system

  • 100 Year Warranty


The pool gate is the most important part of any fence system. You need to know the gate will close every time. Life Saver’s pool gates use the most aluminum material making it the strongest available today. It is framed on all four sides giving the gate the most support available. All components sit on a flat surface. There is no bar across the bottom and the latch can be lifted high up making it harder for a child to reach.

Arched Pool Gate


Square Pool Gate


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Take the first step today. Prevent child pool drownings by installing a mesh pool fence. Call us at (469) 867-3221 or request your FREE estimate online here.

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