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Pool Gate Installations in Dallas, TX

#1 Certified Dallas Life Saver Pool Fence Gate Installer
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Every year, young children and pets are at risk of drowning in pool accidents in Dallas. In many cases, these tragedies could have been prevented if the pool area had been properly isolated. The #1 proven and tested way to protect your loved ones is to install a mesh pool fence with a  self-closing and self-latching pool gate.


Pool gates are an essential part of any child pool safety fence system. They provide a way for adults to access the pool while keeping young children and pets out. Self-latching and self-closing pool gates are the most reliable type of pool gate. They close automatically, making it impossible for children to open them.


Life Saver pool gates are made with high-quality materials and were designed with child safety in mind. With proper care, they will provide years of service. Invest in a pool gate your family can count on to keep your pool safe.


Contact Premier Pool Safety today to request a FREE pool gate estimate in Dallas, TX. Call (469) 867-3221 or contact us via our online form here.


We Install The Sturdiest, Most Reliable Pool Gates Available in Dallas, Texas


We take pool safety seriously. That's why our pool gates are designed to close properly every single time. With our gates in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool is safe. We put safety first!


Premier Pool Safety is the top pool gate installer of Life Saver Pool Fence gates serving Dallas, TX and nearby cities. Below are the benefits of installing pool safety gates from Life Saver:


  • Proven and tested by experts

  • Extremely durable, made with 2 trusses

  • Strongest pool gate in the industry, framed on all 4 sides

  • Impossible to open by small children but easy to open for adults

  • Built with unclimbable mesh

  • Designed to ensure a proper fit

  • Unbreakable welds, heavy-gauge aluminum (can withstand high winds)

  • 2 design options (square & arched)

  • Key lockable (for added security)

  • Removable by adults (not young children)

  • Keeps pets away from the pool area!

  • Comes with a 100 Year Warranty!


Additionally, our pool gates are self-latching and self-closing. They close automatically without error.


Request Your FREE Estimate By Phone Or Online Today


Simply call (469) 867-3221 or contact us online to request your FREE pool gate installation in Dallas, TX. We are trained, certified Life Save pool fence and pool gates installers and pool safety experts, and we guarantee satisfaction!

Types of Pool Gates We Install

Premier Pool Safety offers 2 design alternatives for pool safety gates:

Arched Pool Gates (Curved Top, Eye-Catching & Elegant)


If you are searching for a superior and stylish pool gate option, then Life Saver’s Arched Style Pool Gates are the perfect option to choose. Our pool gates are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that they stand the test of time. The aluminum square stock we use is 1 ¼” thick, which makes our pool gates much stronger than other options on the market.


Additionally, the aluminum is coated with a special powder-coat finish that is resistant to rusting and corrosion. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your pool gate will continue to look great for years to come.


We offer customization of your mesh safety gate in the following powder-coated colors:


  • black

  • white

  • tan

  • brown

  • green

  • copper vein


Note: Other colors may require special order.

Square Pool Gates (Stunning Design and Clean Lines)

Looking for a pool gate that will stand the test of time? Life Saver’s Square Style Pool Gates are made from high-quality welded materials that are durable and weather-resistant. They're built to last and come standard with our 100 Year Warranty, so you can be confident that your pool will be safe and secure for years to come.


Our pool gates are designed to provide a safe and secure barrier between your pool and the rest of your yard. The self-latching mechanism is engaged when the gate is closed, and it ensures that the gate stays shut until it is opened again. This is an important safety feature, as it helps to prevent children and animals from getting into the pool area. Square pool gates can be temporarily or permanently installed and they feature a durable construction that is strong enough to keep your young children and pets safe from harm!

Life Saver Pool Fence Square Self-Closing Pool Gate

Both of our pool gate alternatives come standard with the following features:


  • Additional options with right or left-side entries

  • Proven and tested pool gate safety latch and closing system

  • Strongest 1-1/4″ heavy gauge aluminum

  • Attractive arch with full molding support

  • Easy Removal using adjustable locking plate

  • Key lockable Latching System

  • Most dependable full double truss system


We offer a variety of pool gates to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple design or something more elaborate, we have a gate that will fit your pool area. All of our gates are made from high-quality materials and come with a variety of features to choose from.


For example, our pool gates come standard with custom mitered corners that are aluminum arc welded without the use of any unsightly weld plates. This makes our gates both attractive and extremely strong. In addition, all of our gates are easy to use and will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your pool is safe and secure 24/7. So, if you are in the market for a new pool gate, be sure to check out our selection today!


FAQs About Our Pool Gates

Is Warranty available with your pool gates?


Life Saver is super confident in our pool gates and pool fencing product that we give you a 100 Year Warranty.


How many gates should I get installed?


A pool gate is an important safety feature for any pool area, and it's important to make sure that you have the right number of gates installed. In many cases, one pool gate is sufficient, but there are situations where two gates may be a better solution.


This may be the case if you have multiple access points to your pool area from your home, or if your pool area layout makes it difficult to maintain one central point of entry. Our team can help you assess your pool area and determine the best setup for your needs. Call us today at (469) 867-3221 to get started.


Can a pool gate system help my home’s resale value?


As any pool owner knows, safety is paramount when it comes to keeping children and pets safe around water. One of the best ways to protect pool users is to install a pool gate system. Pool gates can be placed around the perimeter of the pool, providing a barrier that helps to prevent accidental falls. Our pool gate systems offer both safety and the appearance of your backyard and pool area which can help to increase the market value of your home.

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For a fast estimate or to discuss pool safety, contact Premier Pool Safety for the Dallas area today by calling (469) 867-3221 or contact us online to learn more.

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