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Pool Leaf Cover Installations in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Save Time & Keep Leaves Out Of Your Pool with our Easy On, Easy Off Mesh Leaf Pool Covers That Fit The Exact Shape Of Your Pool! Simply The Best!


Need a mesh pool cover installed to keep leaves out of your pool?


A swimming pool can be a great addition to your Dallas home, however some challenges come along with ownership, one of which is the daily upkeep and maintenance.


When fall approaches and it cools, many pool owners in the Dallas area install a mesh pool cover (from Labor Day through the February/March period.).


At Premier Pool Safety, our pool leaf covers provide a practical, easy solution to debris and leaves that may fall in your inground pool, saving you time and avoiding future damages to your pool equipment.


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Why Hire Us to Install Your Leaf Pool Cover?

  • Experienced, 18 years

  • Installations in as little as 2-4 weeks

  • Affordably priced

  • Custom pool covers

  • Install into any type of decking

  • Free form pool covers available

  • Free estimates

  • In person & virtual estimates

  • Work with Owner, Family Owner Business

  • No subcontractors

  • We use diamond core drill bits

  • Our covers won’t chip up your deck

  • Easy to remove by one adult

  • You can remove the mesh pool cover yourself

Please send us your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Request A Free Mesh Leaf Cover Estimate—Save Up to 10% with this Promotion


​Call (469) 867-3221 to get your FREE estimate. Serving Dallas-Fort Worth.

And, If you install 100ft or more of pool fence with Premier Pool Safety, you qualify for a 10% discount on your pool cover! Offer good now and into the future.

About Our Pool Leaf Covers

Our pool leaf covers are made of knitted polyethylene, a lightweight, UV resistant, and breathable mesh. They allow rainwater to drain through it, keeping the leaves and debris on top of it dry for easy removal of debris.  Our pool covers are fully customizable, able to mirror and fit the exact shape of your pool. Rocks, waterfalls, grottos and slides are not a problem! Our covers also help with the occasional evaporation of water.

  • Durable fabrics hold up against all types of elements.

  • Lightweight mesh fabric allows for convenient installation.

  • Our covers are also mildew and rot resistant to maintain lasting strength.

  • Non-absorbent to protect against water damage.
  • High tensile strength adds to product durability.

  • UV resistant to block sun damage

Installation: Professional installation. We do not have any subcontractors. Our company uses a diamond core drill bit which allows us to install our anchors in any type of decking. The anchors are the size of a nickel.

Easy to Remove & Put Back On: 5-10 minutes to take it off. 15-20 minutes to put it on. Our covers are seasonal covers, used primarily in the fall and winter in the Dallas area. They are designed so the homeowner can easily take the cover on and off.

About Our Anchors:  Our leaf cover brass anchors are flush mounted with your deck and will blend in well with any type of decking. No need to raise and lower the anchors. No springs are needed.

Hooks: Our hooks are made of stainless steel. It will not rust.

Roller: The roller is removable and is made of a highly durable PVC pipe. It aids you in the removal and replacement of the cover. It is also used as a storage device for the cover while it is off the pool.


Prevents leaves from falling in your swimming pool. It is very easy to take it off and put it on. It comes with a leaf cover roller / storage device. 



Black Net Black Leaf Cover.jpg

Child Safety Net and the leaf cover combination. This options keeps the little ones safe while preventing leaves and debris from falling in the pool. 



Mesh Pool Cover & Pool Safety Options

Mesh Leaf Covers are pool covers made of mesh material stretched over the pool. They are easy “on and off” and used primarily to keep leaves out of your pool. Not tension based. They are not so tight that you can’t take them off yourself with one adult and they are also not so loose that the cover will sag into your pool water. Water easily drains through. Available in green.  Note: They are not rated for child safety, however.

Child Safety Nets are also available and they can be used in combination with your pool leaf cover.

Need a safety pool cover? Give us a call to discuss your options. We are the Dallas area’s authorized Loop Local installer.

We also install pool fencing to create physical barrier that keeps kids out of the pool area.


Call (469) 867-3221 to get your FREE estimate.


blue pool cover
black pool cover installed Highland Park, TX
blue leaf cover in Southlake, TX
black leaf cover installed in Travertine pavers
light green 2 leaf cover
black pool covers installed in Southlake, TX
green mesh pool cover Colleyville, TX
black leaf cover installed Williams, TX
black pool cover Keller II
leaf cover in Tan color
black leaf cover
pool covers installed in Collin County, TX
Green Mesh Cover North Richland Hills II
Black Loop Loc
Green Loop Loc
Blue Loop Loc
rolled up pool cover

Pool Cover FAQs

Do you need to come to my home to provide a quote?
We can often provide a virtual estimate. Just call to see if that option is available.

What areas do you service?
We service the entire greater Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area.

How long does the pool cover installation process take?
We can usually install your pool cover within 2-4 weeks.

What does a leaf pool cover cost?
Pool cover prices vary from $2,000 to $3,000 for an average size pool.

What colors are available?
Currently, our leaf covers are available in blue, black, green, and tan

Do you make custom inground pool covers?
Yes, we do. Just inquire for your free quote.


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