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Pool Fences & Installations in Collin County, TX

Call (469) 867-3221 to request a FREE pool fence estimate in Collin County, TX. Installs Life Saver Pool Fence – Voted Best Pool Fencing by Parents.

A pool fence is an essential safety feature for any home with a pool, especially a Life Saver Pool Fence. This type of pool safety fence is the best on the market. These fences are made from durable, weather-resistant materials and can be installed quickly and easily. Most importantly, they are designed to isolate the pool area from the rest of the yard, preventing children from gaining access to the pool without supervision.

The fences are made of mesh, which prevents climbing, and they have a self-closing pool gate that helps to prevent young children from wandering into the pool area. With a Life Saver Pool Fence in place, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and sound.

A mesh pool fence can help prevent children from accessing the pool area without supervision. We also recommend installing other layers of protection like a pool alarm and pool cover but they should not be a replacement for adult supervision.

Drowning Accidents in Texas

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of five. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website, there are already 70 kids who have drowned so far this year. Three of these drownings are from Collin County and all are attributed to backyard pool drowning.

No matter how small the statistics are, these numbers should matter as the lives of our dear children are precious. This kind of accident is preventable by following the guidelines set by our lawmakers such as installing a pool safety fence.

Drowning is a major problem that we need to help prevent.


Drowning Facts

Did you know that 2/3rds of fatal drownings occur each year between May-August. Pool fencing is the only layer of protection that provides a physical barrier between your home and swimming pool.

There are many reasons why pool fences are so important. They can help prevent accidental drowning, which ranks 5th among U.S causes of unintentional injury deaths in America!

Another statistic: 77% of kids are seen less than five minutes before they end up in the pool and it's heartbreaking when you know how much time could've been saved if only their parent had just taken one more minute to check on them


Pool Safety Regulations in Collin County, TX

Pool fence requirements in Collin County, TX are designed to keep children safe. All pools must be surrounded by a fence that is at least four feet tall and has self-closing and self-latching gates.

The pool gate must be located on the pool side of the fence and must open away from the pool. In addition, there should be no gaps or openings in the fence that are large enough for a child to slip through.

These regulations help to ensure that young children are not able to access the pool area without adult supervision. By preventing unsupervised access to pool areas, these regulations help to reduce the risk of drowning.

Contact Premier Pool Safety today for professional installations of child pool safety fences in Collin County, TX. Call (469) 867-3221 or contact us online. Life Saver mesh pool fences are made of industry’s top quality see-through mesh and aluminum poles. Plus, it’s completely guaranteed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

A pool fence is a physical barrier that is installed around the perimeter of a pool to prevent young children from gaining access to the water. Mesh pool fences from Life Saver are recommended and approved by national and local governments, not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Many pool owners are required by law to install a pool fence. Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of mesh pool fences, and our products are built to meet or exceed all local building codes and safety standards. Our pool safety fences are made from durable materials that are designed to withstand the elements, and our team of experts can help you choose the right fence for your pool.

Life Saver Pool Fence Product Details

Here are a few of its features:

  • A patented, triple reinforced solid core pole that is the strongest in the industry

  • Poles are powder coated aerospace grade aluminum

  • Mesh (Textilene) holds up great in the Sun

  • Textilene® high mil mesh (12-12 mil) with Marine grade thread woven with a tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per sq. in. The mesh is unclimbable and transparent

  • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched reinforced vinyl borders.

  • Tension-based supports provide premium stability

  • Multiple height alternatives (from 3 ½ ft to 5 ft)

  • A huge selection of colors including black, white, brown, tan, hunter green, and other custom combination of these colors

  • Self-latching & self-closing gate add-on options (available in Square or Arched)

  • Round-head fasteners & rounded edges - no sharp edges

  • Pool fencing sections are placed into aluminum (or plastic sleeves) that are installed into your deck surface

  • Pool fences are removable and easy to store. Easy to roll up in sections, though we recommend keeping them up year-round.

  • Triple reinforced solid poles on our Life Saver Solid Core Pool Fence provide omni-directional solid support

  • Made in the USA!

  • UV Resistant components protect the fence from sun damage

  • Trained local pool fence installers

  • Works for all types of pools including in ground pools

  • Mesh safety fences can be used for pools, anywhere in the backyard, by garages, lanais, on stepped landscaped areas and more

  • Offers the highest level of safety of any pool fencing on the market

  • Accessories available for purchase include omni hangers & pool solar lights


When it comes to pool safety, you can never be too careful. That's why Life Saver mesh pool fences are the perfect choice for peace of mind. All components of the fence are covered by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can be sure that your pool fence will be protected for years to come.

The fence is made of durable materials that are designed to withstand the elements, and it is easy to install and remove when needed.


Request your FREE pool fence estimate in Collin County, TX today! Call Premier Pool Safety at (469) 867-3221 or contact us here.

Pool Gates in Collin County, TX

A pool gate is an essential safety feature for any pool fence. It helps keep children and pets out of the pool when it is not in use. The pool gates we install have self-closing and self-latching mechanism to keep it from being left open unintentionally.

There are two types of pool fence gates we offer: Arched and Square. Arched gates are made of curved 1 ¼” heavy-gauge aluminum square stock. This makes them the strongest pool gates on the market. They are available in white, black, or bronze. Square gates are also made of aluminum and have a fixed width. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from white to black. Both types of gates come with a self-closing latch.

Life Saver pool gates are specifically designed to provide a high level of security, making them an essential part of any pool fence system.

We Also Install Mesh Pet Fence in Collin County, TX

Premier Pool Safety also installs mesh pet fence to help keep pets on solid ground and prevent pool accidents. The pet fence is made of a mesh material that is placed around the perimeter of the pool. The pet fence is a great way to keep your pet safe while they are roaming around your yard.

You can also use your pet fence to create an outdoor dog run and to wall off an area of your home to keep your pets safe.

Contact us today to request your FREE pool fence estimate in Collin County, TX. Please call (469) 867-3221 or contact us online here.

About Collin County, TX

Collin County is one of the most beautiful places to live. It is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan statistical area, and a small portion of Dallas in the county. The population is 1,064,465, making it the sixth-most populous county in Texas in 2020. The county is home to a variety of historical land maps such as the Allen Heritage Guild and National Video Game Museum. Collin County is home to a number of excellent schools, making it a great place to raise a family. If you're looking for a place to call home, Collin County should be at the top of your list.

Popular landmarks include:

  • Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

  • National Videogame Museum

  • Heritage Farmstead Museum

  • Crayola Experience Plano

  • Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Pool Safety Resources for Collin County, TX


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